generator starterkit

Scaffold a Front End development starterkit.

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Generator-starterkit is a yeoman built for fast website creating, without the hassle of setting up your project from scratch. With the powerful build system included you can focus on the important things, your code. Generator-starterkit uses the power of Gulp which provides you a lot of enhancements to your development workflow.

Install generator-starterkit

Getting Started

# Install
$ npm i -g generator-starterkit

# Using the generator
$ mkdir site
$ cd site
$ yo starterkit


  • Styles: Sass or Less auto compiling, prefixing, minifiying and sourcemapping.
  • Templates: Pug or Html auto compiling and minifiying.
  • Scripts: Scripts concatenation, transpiling with Babel, minifiying and sourcemapping.
  • Lint: Linting with JSCS or Babel.
  • Images: Images optimization.
  • Deploy: Deploy into a ftp server.
  • Beautify: Beautify pre production files.
  • BrowserSync: Automatically injects all your changes in your files into the browser on save.
  • Optimize: Autoptimize your project using uncss, and critical.
# Main tasks
$ npm run dev
$ npm run build
$ npm run optimize
$ npm run deploy

# Specific tasks
$ gulp styles
$ gulp templates
$ gulp scripts
$ gulp serve


The generator-starterkit comes with a lot of options and technologies to choose between, these are the options: